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If yes, then The Native Speaker Studio is a perfect fit for you. We’re a fun, modern and unique online language school helping students improve their Thai language skills. All levels are welcomed! We specialize in speaking, email writing, vocabulary, grammar, and daily life Thai. Now is the perfect time to transform your Thai like never before!
The Native Speaker Studio offers both one-on-one and group lessons with native Thai speakers who are passionate about teaching their students their culture and their language. With approximately 50 million people who speak Thai worldwide, our courses tailor to your needs and to your liking. We teach students and businesses of all industries and language levels.

We teach those who have the following needs

Thai Course with the Native Speaker Studio

Sunny Burns talks about his Thai Language Journey

Study 1 time a week for 15 weeks, Tuition fee: THB 12,000 (Total of 15 classes)

This is a one-on-one intensive course. Suitable for students and working people who want to improve their Thai skills. We are ready to teach for the future! This course will have one to three teachers teaching different techniques and accents where each person has a specific expertise such as business writing, pronunciation, vocabulary development and conversation.
This is a casual class for learners who want to practice speaking, pronunciation and increasing their vocabulary. Taught by one of our specialist teachers, the students can schedule classes at convenient days and times.
This is a 15-week one-on-one course to learn Thai writing, especially for business and work environments. The students can schedule classes at convenient days and times.

How To Apply

Send us a message on Facebook or LINE. We have online payment & company bank transfers available. Let us know what country you’re from and your Thai goals. Don’t be shy as our friendly team is waiting and ready to help you with a smile.

Why Study With Us?

Because the Native Speaker Studio adheres to the following 3 teaching principles