Do you need English at work? Are you a remote worker?

We’re an online language skill helping transform people’s English abilities from all around the world at work. Our school is suitable for the following students:

Private Business English Course

This online English course is targeting helping employees and business professionals to communicate effectively in English. If you don’t feel confident speaking in a business, embarrassed with your pronunciation and lack knowledge of Business vocabulary then book your free evaluation today. The course is suitable for students who are at an intermediate level & advance level. If you are B1 to C1 than this course is perfect for you.
21,000 baht for 20 classes studying one time a week for 20 weeks. Each class is one hour per class
30,000 baht for 30 classes studying 2 times a week for 15 weeks.

Private Basic English Class

If you’re at an A1 or A2 level and want to improve your basic understanding of English then this class is great for you.

30,000 baht for 30 classes studying 2 times a week for 15 weeks.

How to Join?

The first step is to book your free pre-screening with our Managing Director Sunny Burns and we will create a personalized course for you based on your learning needs. You can contact us here:


Who is Our Managing Director?

Hello! My name is Sunny Burns. I’m a British / Australian living in Thailand. I studied Russian at Sydney University and Thai at Chula university.
I have helped Russian speakers be more confident and professional when using English at work. I love Russian food and listening to Russian music. My favourite Russian singers are T.A.T.U, Anna Asti, Dima Bilan and MakSim.
At my school, you will have the opportunity to study with different teachers that specialise in different topics. Book your free pre-screening today and I will help design a learning plan for you.